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Planning for your construction...

Do I need to plan for our construction? YES YOU DO!

Initially you need to determine:

  • How much money you can obtain for the purchase of your land and / or the construction
    • The repayments that you will be required to meet, will have a direct bearing on the loan that you can afford to repay
    • Careful consideration needs to be given to your ability to repay the loan, and maintain a comfortable lifestyle

The next consideration is your land selected. When looking for land, there are two factors, with each having a number of variables and considerations:

  • The first factor relates to the location of your land, this is entirely an individual choice, although consideration such as:
    • Future developments in close proximity to your land
    • Flood Risk
    • Fire Risk
    • Access of Services such as electricity and phone etc...
  • The second factor relates to the costs that may be incurred due to the physical attributes of the land:
    • Is the land sloping?
    • Is the soil classed as reactive?
    • Will water tanks and a septic system or sewerage treatment pitt be required?
    • Are there any trees etc that needs to be removed or preserved?

These are some of the variables relating to the land itself, which can significantly reduce the amount of money that you had budgeted for the construction.

Other variables to consider are:

  • Corner blocks of land
  • Narrow blocks of land
  • Blocks which have easements located on them
  • Limited Access blocks or blocks located in remote areas

These may not necessarily have any bearing on the cost of the construction, but they may effect the design and layout of the plan.

Complete Building will inspect and assess your desired land, and discuss with you these factors, prior to the purchase.

When deciding on the requirements and layout of your construction, don’t plan for today only - consider the future, and how your requirements may change in a few years time. Complete Building will assist you with determining these requirements, as well as the design and layout.

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