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Matthew Dench & Yasna Galloway Featured

Dear Daniel and Kristy,

We can not possible express our gratitude for being the best builders!!

From our first initial meeting you told us about how you make every experience with Complete Building a comfortable one and you did so by welcoming us into your family home to discuss our wish list for our home.

Throughout the whole process with Complete Building it has been positive and stress free. Your experience and knowledge to your profession is beyond evident and the workmanship your business and workers provide is exceptional.

Daniel you are a remarkable builder who offered advice and was able to keep us level headed throughout the whole process. Kristy, your  a  multitasking goddess and you both show great attention to detail.

Throughout the whole building experience we were waiting for our hurdles as everyone talks about the nightmares of building. We must be the luckiest people alive as we experienced no "hiccups" what so ever which is due to your experience and making us feel like we were part of the team to create our dream home together.

Our new beautiful home is everything and more we could have dreamed of. the finished product from what we envisioned is nothing compared  to what you have created for us. It's crazy t think that something we thought would be our first home could be more of our dream home.

Thankyou for working such crazy hours to make our dream a reality, thankyou for answering all our questions, thankyou for being so dedicated and above all thankyou for your support and friendship that we hope will last as long as our beautiful home.

We hope you enjoy your gift as we though for your whole family was fitting considering both you and your children made this happen with ease.

Thanks again!!

Matthew Dench and Yasna Galloway

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