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The Process

With our help, you will be assisted in choosing a floor plan, or we can design a plan especially to suit your individual requirements, lifestyle and dreams.

We will visit your land and offer advice which will assist you in refining you dream plans.

Once the design and features you require are decided on, its time to have a contour survey carried out to ascertain accurately the extent of cut / fill requirement, connection points for power supply, storm water discharge and site clearing etc. It is at this point also that an Engineer is to commissioned to carry out sub-surface investigations to determine the correct slab / footings system required for the site. While these inspections are taking place, we will attend architectural meetings to get the drafting process on its way. A small outlay is required to enable us to carry out these services.

Once all the reports, investigations and plans are drawn, we will dispatch to you, confirmation of the outcome of each report, along with a copy of your plans and Basix requirements for your perusal.

Once you a 100% satisfied with the plans and specifications, we will prepare the official quotation and Building Contract for authorisation, all necessary Home warranties Insurances will also be taken out. At this stage we will require a 5% Security Deposit of the full contracted price to cover submission of plans to council to obtain the building approval.

Building approvals can range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on the council. During this time we ask that you sit with us and discuss and select your external colours. Eg: Bricks, roof tiles, windows etc..

When the approved plans are received, finance documentation approved, and colour selections are completed the construction will begin within 5 – 10 working days.

You will be kept informed during the construction and you will be allowed on the site to view the construction at all times unless construction is at a stage where it is unsafe.

Nearing completion, you will be advised the date of hand over to enable you to organise furniture removalists etc. Prior to hand over, for your peace of mind, a quality check will be carried out to ensure all is to our high standards of finish and workmanship. At handover Daniel will walk though your home with you to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final product!

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